Smartleadllc has an accomplished and efficient team of engineers and designers offering high speed single and multi-layer printed circuit board designs for complex projects in the industries like aerospace, defense, automotive and other commercial enterprises. Our professional electronic circuit board layout design and manufacturing helps our clients and business partners to produce their products smaller, faster, reliable, efficient and cost effective which in turn helps them to leverage profits for the long run.
Our sophisticated and dedicated engineering team provides custom circuit board printing services and solutions with precise quality control within customer’s means. Smartleadllc’s specific documentation process helps us to deliver the finished products on time.


Our professional team of engineers over a period of seven years at Smartleadllc mastered the art of printed circuit board designing who work with the clients to review the design to make sure that it can be produced within the client’s budget without compromising on the quality of the services that Smartleadllc provide.

Smartleadllc offers specialized printed circuit board layout and design services;

  • Single and Multi-layer PCB.
  • Rigid Flex PCB.
  • Metal Core PCB.
  • Gold Plating PCB.
  • Immersion Gold PCB.
  • Aluminum based PCB.
  • High Frequency ultra-thick and ultra-thin PCB.
  • PCB for power supply.
  • PCB for consumer electronics.
  • Industry specific PCB.