Smartleadllc is an incorporated working environment with over 7-years of eminence providing extraordinary business intelligence tools across all verticals of industry, enterprises, and other established and start up retail businesses.

Every retailer organization encounters various issues depending on business analytics on a daily basis. The use of softwares providing business intelligence like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics is gaining influence in a lot of organizations, mostly in the retail business sector. The retail business intelligence software generates the reports based on different criterion like number of currently logged in users, number of unique users appearing in a specific duration. The retail business analytics tools help the retailer in assessments of these measures indicating what decisions and when they need to be taken. For example, based on the comparison of the number of unique users on each OS like Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, we can define the appeal of our application to specific users.

To say the least about business intelligence in retail, it is that knowledge, which can turn your plummeting sales of a product, into a huge hit. With the right analysis, you can make sure that your hard work appeals to the right crowd and your application’s audience will help you with what changes could be made to transform the commodity into a better version of the last release.

Our “Business Intelligence Tool” is capable of handling large volumes of business data, even in petabytes, for businesses in retail, ecommerce, aerospace, healthcare, internet and networking service providers, consumer electronics and among others.

Whether it is major retail corporation or it is an start up retail enterprise, it starts collecting huge data pertaining to amount of customer visits per page, products viewed per page, sales transactions, and inventories and other retail managements; it turns out to be critical to oversee, keep up and comprehend the data collected to get actionable insights out of it. Solutions to huge data handling and managing: Smartleadllc business intelligence tool (BI) helps to manage these data effectively, efficiently and helps to get answers to some of your business problems on your own.

  • The self-service BI tool makes your work easy by accessing and combining relevant data for analysis, predictions and prepares the report without even relying on an experts.
  • The simple automated data visualizations, explains what the data is about. It also helpful to create or personalize the data according to your needs.
  • Our BI tool comes with the cloud, which means it enables to prepare the data for presentations and share with anyone on the move. All these features are within one seamless tool – Smartleadllc Business Tool.

Fields like finance, marketing, banking, supply chains, FMCG industries and even small retail businesses have adopted business analytics into their existing models and acquired astounding results.

At Smartleadllc, we strive to create the best retail business intelligence software and cater to the needs of the various business owners across the world. Smartleadllc’ retail business intelligence tools have been serving many retail businesses across the world, helping them to analyze the business reports to increase their productivity.


Smartleadllc provides the best in class Business Intelligence Services that helps the enterprise adopt towards this enormous technical shift and other related service platforms in the most efficient manner possible.