Over the years, the technology in the various devices has catered to the diverse advanced needs of the people has increased and this has led to the development of embedded systems. With the growth of embedded systems, the numerous problems in connection to the embedded systems have come to the surface. Thus more and more attention in being given to the development and enhancement of the embedded systems process to cater these problems.

Smartleadllc offers wide range of embedded services to industries ranging from aerospace to traffic lights and there has been a significant increase in the intended usage of embedded systems throughout the industries like consumer electronics, automotive industries etc.

Being recognized as a leader on providing embedded system development in itself is an honor. Our embedded development tools have empowered many industries; from aerospace to communication industry; from security to services industry; from automotive to digital consumers.

We undertake turnkey basis embedded systems development projects for new products and offer distinct services for the existing products. Our team has expert hands on experience on the embedded system programming process and design and have successfully catered to numerous industries ranging from aeronautics to modern hybrid vehicles, healthcare to services industry, network infrastructure to digital consumers.

Smartleadllc Embedded system design includes;

  • Design and development of automotive control units.
  • Autosar software development
  • In vehical networking
  • Vehical diagnostics
  • Model based development
  • HMI/UI and test systems development
  • Last mile services ( Testing)


Smartleadllc offers domain-specific hardware engineering and design services in ARM, CORTEX, RASPBERRY PI, FPGA, BEAGLEBONE Arduino, Sitara and SoC engineering, board design, embedded software, design, prototyping, and tailored development.Our embedded development capabilities have evolved with the time lapse over the years and enhanced with partnerships to serve following verticals.

  • Industries
  • Telecom
  • Automotive
  • Medical electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial automation
  • E-governence
  • Networking and storage
  • Our embedded software / firmware development services include:
    • System architecture and partitioning
    • Board bring-up
    • Embedded implementations
      • Linux
      • Lightweight schedulers
      • Custom kernel drivers
      • Application development (Assembly/C/C++)
    • Cross-compilation toolchains
    • Project organization and build automation
      • Makefiles
      • Defect tracking
      • Revision control
    • Device driver design
    • OS/Kernel modifications and patches
    • Open-source software (OSS) hardening
    • Software acceleration (such as with NEON or custom HW)
ExtranetsOur Offerings

  • Board Support Packages for various platforms
  • Assembly level programming
  • RTOS (Linux, VxWorks)
  • Board bring-up, Diagnostic and Production test software
  • Protocol stacks, embedded web servers
  • 8/16/32/64 bit Processor/micro-controllers Architecture
  • DSP (ADI, TI)
  • Algorithm development
  • Standard/Propriety communication protocols
  • Performance tuning and optimization of applications