From Telemedicine, Medical stock Management Systems, Remote Patient supervising to homecare applications and software programs, At Faststream Technologies, we provide complete product or services to engineering services to improve performance, productivity and proficient functionality in treatment centers and hospitals.

Representing the healthcare domain is not just challenging but complicated in relation to the shear understanding that it necessitates but additionally, as a result of the amount of {regulatory requirements that needs to be adhered. Faststream Technologies delivers high quality HIPAA certified engineering solutions and services for the healthcare businesses. With our competence throughout health-related gadgets, security as well as monitoring, video management systems, automation and associated with Internet of Things (IoT). Faststream Technologies has delivered HIPAA compliant medical stock management systems making use of RFID technology. The telemedicine system also updates status real-time on the online and has a build-in biometric accessibility and stock monitoring inside the hospital or clinics.

Faststream Technologies, in addition provides engineering services for medical gadgets to go well with EMRs (Electronic Medical Records). At Faststream Technologies, We are skilled in reengineering medical gadgets to instantly input data to the software made use of by physicians, clinics and large and medium hospitals. Benefiting our expertise in communication, surging and medical devices, Faststream Technologies has provided high quality solutions to clientele allowing them to observe and discover and handle results associated with medical devices through hand held tablets. This has made it easier for our clients in minimizing expenses through sharing and discussing of resources.


Smartleadllc provides the best in class Healthcare Industries that helps the enterprise adopt towards this enormous technical shift and other related service platforms in the most efficient manner possible.