Embedded systems are omnipresent with every nook and corner of our life, and embedded software lies at the core of all intelligent devices and Smartleadllc enables product developers tackle the challenges with its proven expertise.

As the embedded software life cycle data indicates, software design takes toll on about 50% of the total development expenses. Design flaws will further add bigger hole into this. Smartleadllc’s team is equipped with expertise and experience spans across application development, porting, middle ware and compatibility testing.

Our team has developed with environments ranging from embedded/real time Linux, ┬ÁCos, Board Support Package(BSP) and device drivers. Our embedded technology lab is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and communication network environments for developments on multiple embedded processors/controllers from leading vendors, e.g. ARM, MIPS, Tensilica and DSP’s. We are also equipped with development tools for various RTOS/PSOS,in particular Linux and ┬ÁCos environments,and software tools required for successful project-execution.

It is important to have well defined development and quality process and rigid testing methodology. Innovative factor is something takes over all other factors, to have leading edge in the market. At Smartleadllc, we go by the ISO processes along with agile mechanics ensuring adherence to the promises made.

We use our extensive knowledge, expertise to develop embedded middleware. We have developed complex functionalities interfaces for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products.


Smartleadllc provides the best in class Semiconductor Industries that helps the enterprise adopt towards this enormous technical shift and other related service platforms in the most efficient manner possible.